Business Leadership Development Consulting

Everyone has room to improve their leadership skills, even those who are already in positions of leadership. Rob Levit’s consulting firm will help you to become a better leader with business leadership development consulting.

Our Leadership Development Consulting

At the consulting firm of Rob Levit, we recognize just how much goes into effective leadership, which is why we address the multiple facets of effective leadership with our consulting services. We believe that impactful leadership should incorporate your head, heart, and hands — the very model we use to assist you in your organizational development. Here’s what this model means to us:

  • Head — We address your organizational needs through systems thinking, deep planning, and reflection.
  • Heart — We help you improve communication and connections to nurture the relationships that help you flourish.
  • Hands — We work side by side with you to turn vision into reality as we turn training and consulting into applied action and outcomes.

We personalize the application of this model as we address the needs of your organization so that we can help you reach your maximum potential. Moreover, we work directly with your organization’s leadership — not through a third party or as part of training for several businesses at once.

Our Methodology

We start with an introductory consultation for all of our clients in order to familiarize you with our various training programs and consulting services. We then work with you to strategize and establish just what your company needs assistance with. From there, we visit your worksite to see exactly what is going on with the daily processes of your business.

We then further evaluate your business processes before finally delivering concrete solutions, such as:

  • Program design
  • Focus groups
  • Board development
  • Customer-service training

If you are interested in learning more about our acclaimed consulting services or would like to get started with our services, fill out our online contact form, or call us at +1 410 279 3809.

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